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Reward structure

It is our duty to our customers to deliver an excellent performance, resulting in a lasting improvement of the company performance, and therewith contributing to the company's (improved) success. This is reflected in our reward proposal which is often success dependent. Moreover,CIMG is under certain conditions willing to participate in companies and carry part of the risk.

Our customers can depend on CIMG to deliver people with integrity, who treat the customer, their staff and their suppliers with respect. Utmost discretion about the assignments as well as the information obtained is maintained and part of our business.

Why you should choose to partner with CIMG?

To support our customers CIMG utilizes her network consisting of a selected number of interim managers, senior consultants and coaches, to select the best fit. Every interim manager has held in his/her past a CxO position within a company (CEO, CTO, CIO, CFO, COO, etc.). In those positions they have played an important role in the company growth, and is both their knowledge and experience in their respective field of expertise as well as their own personal approach been crucial to achieving success.

Their independent position in your company as interim manager, combined with their experience gained in the past, their integrity and personal approach, makes them very effective and successful. The selection of the interim manager that fits best to your organisation is ensured by the broad international experience of the management team of CIMG .


CIMG is more than the sum of their parts. The majority of the managers within CIMG know each other for many years and have experience in working together. As a result, every manager can easily reach back into the network before making important decision, for support, knowledge and experience that is obtained by the entire team over many years.This close collaboration between the managers also offers a solution to companies where a part of the management team needs to be temporarily replaced.

All our managers participate in CIMG from within their own privately owned management company (B.V. structure). They are all driven entrepreneurs who want to achieve the biggest possible success for your company as a result of their contribution. Your company's success is directly linked to their own business success, which ensures their full focus on delivering results.

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